Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams worked with local advocacy groups to help register 13 homeless Coloradans at the MLK Aurora Public Library in Aurora Tuesday.

"Every eligible elector has the right to vote in Colorado," Williams said in a press release. "The fact that you have no fixed permanent home has no bearing on your right to vote."

The event was the brainchild of James Gillespie, who oversees community impact and government relations for Mile High Behavioral Healthcare.

It’s part of "Homeless, Not Voiceless," a statewide effort to register people without a permanent address.

“Losing a home can happen to anyone. Job loss, high housing costs, family break-ups, and illnesses are among the most common causes of homelessness,” Gillespie said in the release. “When these circumstances occur it’s more important than ever to give people a way to speak up and be heard.”

Homeless Coloradans can register using the address of a homeless shelter or other public location, according to the release.

The St. Francis Center has 1,499 registered voters and the Denver Rescue Mission has 72, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

The release stated that an “intensive outreach” to homeless people happened along the Colfax Avenue corridor before Tuesday’s event, which ran from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Whether you have a permanent address or not, the deadline to register online or through the mail is Oct. 31. After that, you have to go register in person.

For more information about registering to vote, visit the Secretary of State’s website.