Republicans have pushed religious freedom bills in state houses across the country, and now they're pushing a new one in Colorado.

GOP legislators have unsuccessfully tried to pass a similar bill in previous sessions.

They have a hearing on the Colorado Freedom of Conscience Protection Act at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

LGBTQ rights groups, however, are gearing up to fight back if it goes any further.

"Passing laws like this would again, allow any individual or any business to pick and choose which laws to follow based on their religious beliefs," Daniel Ramos with LGBTQ rights group ONE Colorado said.

 Colorado Freedom of Conscience Protection Act
 Colorado Freedom of Conscience Protection Act

Ramos is worried the Colorado Freedom of Conscience Protection Act basically legalizes discrimination.

The bill does allow a defense for people who feel the government is overstepping when it comes to religion.

But the primary Republican sponsor, Steve Humphrey, believes government has been hostile toward religion. He says this bill simply reminds them they can't do that.

Similar laws have sparked bigger, more expensive issues in several other states by way of boycotts.

"Last year when Georgia was considering this legislation, the economic projections were over two billion dollars in losses to the state, and the governor ultimately vetoed the legislation," Ramos explained.

With Democrats having a slight edge in the House and the Governor's mansion, it's unclear how far the bill could go, but GOP backers don't show signs of giving up on the idea.