Tax returns, email servers and Donald Trump’s infamous nicknames were all on the table when 9NEWS sat down with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ahead of her Commerce City rally Wednesday.

Here’s what the Democratic presidential nominee had to say.


The Republican presidential nominee made waves this week when he referred to Clinton as the devil. He’s also called Clinton “crooked Hillary,” “incompetent Hillary” and “heartless Hillary.”

“Well, first of all, I never respond to his personal insults about me. I could care less what he says about me …,” Clinton said when asked what she’d say to Trump about his rhetoric. “I hope America does not accept the kind of language that Trump is using to describe our fellow Americans. I find it deeply disturbing that someone wanting to be president of the United States would talk the way he talks.”


Democrats have been calling for Trump to release his tax returns for months while Republicans continue to dog Clinton about the approximately 30,000 emails she deleted from her private server.

Clinton maintains that those deleted emails were personal correspondences about things like Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. And she dismissed the idea that her missing emails damage the point Democrats are trying to make about Trump’s tax returns.

“That’s such an apples and oranges comparison it’s hard to even talk about,” Clinton said. “Every presidential candidate for decades has released his tax returns, and I’ve released 33 years of my tax returns. The American people deserve to know about our taxes. And so Donald Trump is standing in the way of precedent that goes back on both sides of aisle Democrats and Republicans, and he clearly has something that he doesn’t want us to see.”


“Well, I have long been in favor of states and cities within states making up their own minds whether or not they want to permit fracking … ,” Clinton said. “I am not an expert on the Colorado constitution, and what I’m told is that the basis for the Colorado court’s decision was a Colorado constitutional one.”

Local control is an issue where Clinton seems to have common ground with Trump. In a 9NEWS interview last week, Trump said he too would be supportive of cities and states that voted against fracking.

“Well, it would surprise me because he said something entirely different in North Dakota,” Clinton said. “So, I’ve taken a consistent position in support of states and local governments, and I think he’s been all over the map depending on who’s interviewing him and where he is.”


Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper met with Clinton in the weeks leading up to the Democratic National Convention and was thought to be on the Democratic nominee’s shortlist for vice president.

When asked how close the Colorado brewer turned governor came to being on the ticket, Clinton laughed and said, “You know, I just really have a high regard for him professionally as well as personally. And I’m looking forward to working with him through the campaign and afterwards.”

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