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Police union calls for Mayor Hancock’s resignation

The letter cites rising crime and a failure to provide moral leadership as reasons Mayor Michael Hancock should resign.
Mayor Hancock

Colorado’s largest police union is calling for Denver Mayor Michael Hancock to resign, citing rising crime and a failure to provide moral leadership.

The Colorado Fraternal Order of Police is asking for the state attorney general to launch an investigation into “an ongoing pattern of corruption and malfeasance.”

The letter goes on to say “the mayor has abjectly failed in his duty of keeping the citizens of Denver safe and, as graphically illustrated by his abhorrent sexual harassment of a Denver police officer, providing ethical leadership.”

Mike Jackson, who leads the union representing Denver sheriff's deputies - which is part of the FOP, spoke about the letter Tuesday in an interview with Next with Kyle Clark. Jackson said there was a noticeable uproar from many FOP members when the texts from Hancock went public.

"They were complaining about, you know, he’s basically admitting to this stuff but nothing’s being done about it," he said. "And when we have an issue, with us, it’s automatic - investigations are going on. So, all of that information coming to them – they decided to put this letter out."

Jackson said news like this brings down the morale of some of his coworkers, who want to see a consequence for the action.

"You know, the mayor’s definitely not going to resign," he said. "There’s no consequence, and there’s no elected official willing to say anything otherwise."

Amber Miller, Hancock’s spokesperson, slammed the letter, writing in a statement:

“Shame on the Sheriff’s Union for resorting to scare tactics. This is a union that never supported the reform efforts by Mayor Hancock, and we are not surprised that a group that supported Donald Trump is looking to undermine and oppose the mayor.”

Hancock apologized after he was confronted with sexually-suggestive texts sent to a police officer who served on his security details six years ago.

The texts were sent not long after the mayor was dogged by claims that he solicited prostitutes – allegations that he denied.


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