The Colorado primary election is rapidly approaching on June 28. Do you know who your candidates are?

Ahead of the primary vote, 9NEWS has teamed up with the non-partisan political website ChangePolitics, to let you learn about candidates, endorse who you'll vote for, share with your friends, and learn from your neighbors about how they plan to vote.

ChangePolitics envisions their platform as a way to help voters avoid feeling like they have no information on smaller races, which often leads to choosing candidates randomly or simply skipping votes in certain races.

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So, how can you get involved? Join the ChangePolitics community and you could be selected for a live, in-studio opportunity alongside 9NEWS and the organization on Tuesday, June 21.

WATCH: Prepare to vote on Change Politics

This will be especially helpful in the crowded race for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Colorado, where five candidates are on the ballot for the June 28 primary to compete against the incumbent,Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colorado).