Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders campaigned in Colorado Springs for former rival Hillary Clinton on Saturday.

The senator ( I- Vermont) hosted a get out the vote rally at Colorado College where he told the crowd to think back to 8 years ago before President Obama took office.

"Let me remind you," Sen. Sanders said. "Eight years ago exactly this day we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, 800,000 jobs a month, that is unprecedented since the great depression of the 1930s."

Sanders hit Republican nominee Donald Trump on his plan to immediately eliminate the Affordable Care Act. He says it will leave 20 million people without access to care.

"Stop and think, 20 million people will suddenly not have access to a doctor," Sen. Sanders said. "They will go bankrupt if they go into a hospital to pay those bills."

Sen. Sanders says the U.S. needs to guarantee healthcare to everyone. He also touted Clinton's plans for tax reform and immigration reform which includes a path toward citizenship.

"I got some bad news for Mr. Trump, number, he's going to lose on November 8," Sanders said. "But even worse for him he's going to start paying his fair share of taxes."