The Four Seasons Hotel hosted a pool party Thursday for the Anchor Center for Blind Children.

The non-profit organization provides services for children who are blind and visually impaired, from birth to age five. After the age of five, most of the children are ready for school.

“One of the wonderful things about anchor center is it gives parents hope that their children will be able to go into the public school system,” said Community Relations Manager Frances Owens. “It gives them the opportunity to realize that their kids can survive and can do well in the community”.

Owens says that public events, like these, are really beneficial.

“Anytime that we can have children out in the public – I think not only does it help the children and their families, but it helps other people in the community realize that a child with a disability is not any different than any other child,” Owens said.

The pool party gave the kids a chance to splash around in the pool and interact with other kids – who have similar impairments.

Nikki Cooper is the mom of 3-year-old Dario Martinez. He is considered deaf and blind. He also has a rare chromosomal deletion. Cooper and her son started coming to the Anchor Center just after he turned one year old.

“It’s a great support and it’s great for him,” said Cooper. “It’s great for him to have other kids that are similar and other kids that are like him”.

She thinks the experiences that the Anchor Center provides him with, are nothing but positive.

“I think a lot of times, kids with special needs are kind of sheltered from a lot. Parents tend to be a little more leery of bringing them out in public and I think this gives us the opportunity to take our kiddos out into the public and have somewhat of a typical day for them," Cooper said.