Researchers at University of Colorado Boulder are working to help people age healthier. It’s called the Healthy Aging Project.

Researchers look at everything including the brain, heart, immune system, fitness level and sleep.

The goal is to put all of their findings and the proven research from scientists around the world into one place where people can easily access it.

Tom LaRocca, a researcher with the healthy aging project says it’s not so much about living longer, it’s about living a healthier life.

“Everybody is aging and to a certain point, there’s nothing you can do about it, but part of our motivation for this whole thing is that we’ve realized most people don’t know – and there are actually a lot of scientists out there who are studying genes specifically,” LaRocca said.

LaRocca says the end goal of the project is to create something similar to a nutrition label you’d see on your favorite food items. However, instead of listing things like sodium and sugar, it would include aging related items, like exercise, sleep and vitamins.

According to LaRocca, there are some things people can do to live a healthier life, and they’re pretty obvious – including, exercise and staying active, a balanced diet, and moderation – not eating too much and eating a wide variety of foods can go a long way.