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Ring video shows person steal Christmas gifts, mail outside North Austin home

Danelle Edgerton said it happened late Monday afternoon.

AUSTIN, Texas — Christmas is less than a week away, so you can expect to see a lot of packages being dropped off at doorsteps across the country. 

But a video captured by a Ring camera in Austin shows something else you can expect to see: people trying to steal those packages right off your front porch. 

The video shows what Danelle Edgerton said is a person who stole more than $100 worth of stuff right off her porch. 

“We received notifications about getting a couple of packages in from Amazon, and so when I came home I immediately went to the front door but there was nothing – we didn’t even have mail," said Edgerton.

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It happened outside of her home just off of Shoal Creek Boulevard on late Monday afternoon. When they saw the footage, they were pretty surprised.

“This guy with a duffel bag full of stuff just taking everything, and he got very close to the camera as well – I was a little bit surprised that he didn’t notice that there’s a big ole camera right there," said Edgerton.

Edgerton believes her home was not the only one targeted because in the video you could see a pretty stuffed duffel bag. 

She shared her husband's post on Facebook, which said the packages had Christmas presents inside. 

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She said she's annoyed her stuff was taken, but just does not want it to happen to anyone else. 

"I'm really hoping this doesn't continue," said Edgerton. "Yeah it'd be great if we found this individual. It would be better if he was held accountable. But more importantly, I don't want this to ruin some family's Christmas or end up leading to an identity being stolen."

Police have told KVUE you can prevent this by having a neighbor grab your package for you, or get it dropped off at your workplace.

Stealing packages off someone's porch is now a felony in Texas


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