Authorities are looking for a man who was seen on surveillance video throwing a rock through the window of the Masjid Abu Bakr mosque in Denver early Sunday morning.

The Colorado Muslim Society says the broken window was first discovered at around 4:30 a.m.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office says at around 1:06 a.m., a man is seen on surveillance video trying to open the door to the mosque. He walks around the building and pulls out his cell phone and tries to open the lockbox.

Deputies say it appeared that he was trying to open the lock box.

At around 1:09 a.m., the man is seen walking to the side of the mosque and throwing the rock. It’s unknown where he went next.

The Colorado Muslim Society says the rock destroyed the window and landed in a multipurpose room in the mosque.

After the rock was thrown through the window, the Colorado Muslim Society says they prevented people from going inside until authorities could sweep and investigate the building.

The mosque is located at 2071 S. Parker Rd.