RTD will hold a public meeting Thursday night to discuss schedule changes to its R Line light rail train in Aurora.

The R Line has been operational for six months but RTD says low ridership calls for service reductions.

RTD says that ridership data shows an average of 33 people per hour board the train between the Iliff and Lincoln stations on weekdays, but that number drops to the high 20s on weekends. RTD's proposed service changes would retain the R Line's 15-minute weekday intervals during peak hours but there would be reductions during off-peak hours.

The City of Aurora says its too soon to reduce R Line service and that the cuts would doom the entire line to fail.

Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan believes the problem lies with RTD's failure to advertise the R Line.

"We have RTD that does a good job of building things but doesn't seem to do a good job at advertising the fact that they exist," Hogan told 9News' Kyle Clark. "Here we are, trying to get Amazon, to the Denver-metro area, and part of our pitch is we are so well-linked, and we are so good about getting people around. And we're going to cut service?"

RTD spokesperson Nate Currey refuted those claims to Kyle in an interview on Next, saying changes in the original plan affected ridership.

The public meeting to discuss the R Line changes will be held on Thursday, September 21 at 6 p.m. at the Aurora Municipal Center on the 2nd floor.

RTD says ridership on its R Line is short of expectations. 
RTD says ridership on its R Line is short of expectations.