WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Salons in Colorado are reporting the theft of some of their most expensive cosmetics, and each case involves a group of women arriving at the same time dressed in clothing that could easily be used to conceal stolen products.

One woman distracts employees by setting up a fake appointment, while the other women move directly to the most expensive cosmetics in the store.

The owner of Avalon Salon and Spa in Littleton said she lost $5,300 worth of supplies Friday afternoon when six women came in at the same time during a busy period.

Amy Thomas, the assistant manager at Centre Salon and Spa in Westminster, believes the same women targeted her store Monday night.

She had already been warned about several previous thefts, including one at the Centre Salon and Spa in Lone Tree and another at Estilos II Salon in Grand Junction.

"They just keep going around to lots of salons and taking products," Thomas said. "And so, they need to be stopped. And I think that if I wasn't aware of them, and I didn't know what to look for, then they would've gotten a lot more from us, too."

Thomas thinks the thieves realized they were in danger of being caught in the act when she confronted them.

The women left her salon as Thomas went to a back room to call police.

She shared surveillance video with police and 9NEWS that shows four women who appear to be communicating with each other and sticking to areas of the store with Aveda products.

"I know there is a black market for Aveda products," Thomas said. "I'm guessing that they're probably trying to resell it online because they could get a good amount of money for it."

Each theft has occurred at a salon that carries Aveda products.

The cosmetics company has sent a warning about the thefts to its Colorado retailers.

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