Thieves and crooks are constantly trying to think of ways to relieve you of your hard-earned dollars.

The latest Colorado example comes from Colorado Springs: someone (or some persons) are posing as an affiliated business of the fire department there to rip people off.

Colorado Springs Fire says the company has absolutely no relation to them - and would like everyone and anyone to come forward if they see this shady operation continuing.

It would appear the most susceptible people would be small business owners in the community, as the scammer appears to be trying to get people to pay for advertising space on magnets to be distributed by the fire department.

Only thing is, the fire department in Colorado Springs isn't distributing any such magnet.

In an official looking email, the scammer outlines the usefulness of the supposed magnet (safety information from the fire department, as well as a dry erase board for messages) - and then some advertising space in a corner.

Businesses could pay up to $1,250 for one of these fake spots - but even the cheapest scam option is $500.

They even include a website and phone number. You can check them out at this link.

On the site, the scammers claim to be contracted by 'local' fire departments. That would not appear to be the case in Colorado Springs; the fire department there says they've got no business pending with the group.

"The CSFD does not sell magnetic whiteboards with emergency information," the fire department posted on their Facebook page.

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Posted by Colorado Springs Fire Department on Friday, January 12, 2018