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Scammer gets 4 years in prison for bilking more than $20,000 from elderly Eagle County woman

A Virginia woman will spend the next four years in a Colorado prison.
Courtesy: Virginia Beach Police Dept.

A Virginia Beach, Va. woman pleaded guilty in Eagle County to theft($20,000-$100,000) and was sentenced to four years in prison.

The District Attorney's office said Nena Kerny Kochuga, 63, used a telemarketing scheme to get more than $20,000 from an elderly Eagle County woman.

Officials said another scammer contacted the victim telling her she had won a $9,000,000 prize from a so-called Jamaican lottery.

The scammer told the victim she needed to pay the taxes and fees up front to collect the prize.

The victim was eventually directed to send numerous cashier's checks and money orders to Kochuga over several months in 2016.

The victim's husband found out about the scam and called law enforcement.

Eagle County Sheriff's investigators issued a warrant for Kochuga's arrest and worked with Virginia Beach Police to bring her to Colorado.

District Attorney Bruce Brown said, "This is a low and most despicable crime. Taking advantage of an elderly person with limited income is intolerable."

"Distance is not a bar to prosecution, and we will hunt you down," added Brown.

Kochuga was also sentenced to pay restitution of more than $20,000 to the victim, three years mandatory parole, $1,992.90 in transport fees to the Eagle County Sheriff's Office, and court costs.