Several water mains have broken around Westminster prompting road closures Tuesday evening.

According to the City's Twitter account, motorists need to avoid 120th Avenue between Pecos and Huron, 120th at Federal, 112th at Stuart, Turnpike at Barr and 72nd Avenue and Hooker. For clarification of the areas city officials are asking you to avoid, please see the map below or at this link.

Utility crews are working to repair the damage but there's no estimate of when the repairs will be done.

Fifty-six water customers are affected by the breaks, according to Max Kirschbaum, director of Westminster Public Works.

He said the breaks all happened almost at the same time. There was a pressure spike at a distribution system which caused the breaks, Kirschbaum said.

Spikes usually happen rarely, he said, but when they do happen it's during times of increased water usage during warm weather.

He did not say when each water main broke.