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Sewage gushed like 'fountain' near Horsetooth Reservoir

Authorities are working to figure out where the raw sewage that started coming out of a manhole on a rural road west of Horsetooth Reservoir is coming from. 

<p>Hundreds of gallons of raw sewage gurgled from this manhole near Horsetooth Reservoir on Monday, July 4, 2016</p>

Brian Donnelly and Chris Armstrong will forever have putrid memories of the Fourth of July after hundreds of gallons of raw sewage gurgled from the ground in front of their home overlooking Horsetooth Reservoir.

About 10:45 a.m. Monday, a breeze carried the potent smell of sewage across their property at the intersection of Larimer County Road 38E and Deer Trail Court. Moments later, they spotted the culprit — a manhole cover in the driveway spewing a seemingly endless supply of raw sewage onto the dirt road and then down the hill toward the reservoir's swarming holiday crowds.

Raw sewage "was boiling over like a fountain," Armstrong said from her doorstep Monday afternoon while crews worked to isolate the leak.

Poudre Fire Authority crews got to the scene first. The sewage spew slowed for a bit and then picked back up, raising concerns that the flow of potentially hundreds of gallons of sewage would run down a gully to the marina at the bottom of the hill and then into the reservoir.

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