It's mid-May, and some people are sick of the snow. But not this baby yak!

Pettee Ranch in Fairplay, Colo. snapped these two photos of little Tawny enjoying the snow.

That being said, Tawny often has a good temperament, according to Pettee Ranch workers.

"She is super nice," Pettee Ranch commented. "My favorite part is you scratch her chest [and] she flops onto the ground so you can keep loving on her."

Meet Tawny the yak (CREDIT:  Pettee Ranch LLC  )
Meet Tawny the yak (CREDIT:  Pettee Ranch LLC  )

For those not extremely versed in yaks, here are some random facts:

  • Yaks are related to cattle, scientifically speaking
  • Adult wild yaks stand about 5 to 7 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh anywhere from 670 to 2,200 pounds
  • Yaks are bulky, with sturdy legs, rounded cloven hooves and have long, dense fur that hangs down lower than their belly when fully grown
  • Yaks are very friendly and are easy to train
  • In parts of Tibet and Karakorum, yak racing is a form of entertainment at festivals. There's also yak skiing and yak polo in Central Asian countries.