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Under Colorado: What's inside Cheyenne Mountain?

Just south of Colorado Springs is one of the most famous military bases in the world, but you can’t see it. It sits one mile inside of the granite Cheyenne Mountain, 2,000 feet down from the surface.


There are so many rumors swirling around about what's under Colorado.

Many residents have heard about a secret military city under Denver International Airport, even a government project on aliens down there.

Coloradans have heard about what it’s like inside the most famous underground military base in the world: Cheyenne Mountain.

There might be whisperings about tunnels under the Colorado State Capitol, used back in the day for lawmakers to escape gunslingers or to sneak prostitutes into the building.

And who can forget about a bunch of old missile silos supposedly scattered around the state?

9NEWS decided to put the rumors to rest by visiting these places and finding out what really happens Under Colorado.