It’s hard to argue against the saying that mothers are superheroes - especially in the case of 30-year-old Jennifer Flores of Greeley.

Flores is a single mother to six kids - and that's just where her story begins.

“It gets exhausting, crazy, it's a blessing it really is,” she said of her family. “They keep me going, they really do, they keep me going.”

Flores’ children range in age from 2 years old to 11. All of them had a lesson in growing up in on June 4th, 2015: the day their mother had an aneurysm rupture in her brain.

“It was really scary," said Flores' oldest child, Anthony. "I just heard her screaming. I love her more than anything.”

“It’s heartbreaking [to think about],” Flores added.

Anthony called 911. When paramedics arrived they rushed Jennifer to the hospital by helicopter, putting her in a medically-induced coma for two weeks.

“When I woke up, I forgot I had a husband, I forgot I had kids,” Flores said. “When I came to I started crying and I said I want to go home to my kids, and my therapist says, 'honey, I don't ever think you're ever going to go home and be able to take care of your kids on your own again.'”

Flores endured a year of physical therapy, medical procedures and doctor’s visits. In that time her husband left her, making her the sole caretaker of her kids while she barely had enough strength to take care of herself.

“It was tough," Flores said. "Highs, lows, all around it was tough.”

It took therapists to tell Flores she would likely never be able to care for her kids fully again before she started to punch back.

“The best thing I can show my kids right now is it can be done,” she said of her mindset at the time. “I fought my way back up from the bottom. I had a stroke, I was paralyzed, went through a divorce, became a single mom with six kids. The most amazing thing you can show your kids is - look keep fighting for what you want. You can get it.”

It’s why Flores’ admission to Aims Community College and recent graduation in May meant so much.

“It was excitement," she said. "Letting my kids see that was one of the most amazing things that could've happened."

If mothers are superheroes, Jennifer Flores is in a league of her own.

“I credit my kids,” she said. “They mean everything.”