Emergency sirens woke many Longmont residents before their alarms Thursday morning.

Longmont Police say the Longmont Outdoor Emergency Warning System malfunctioned around 4 a.m. Longmont's Emergency Manager, Dan Eamon, says some people heard the siren as early as 3 a.m. and it lasted until 5 a.m.

Eamon says the malfunction set off a tone that isn't normal for the system, he had never heard it.

"The poles actually made a sound that is not programmed into our system in any way, it was a completely different tone, even the manufacturer says it isn't something their poles are designed to make." -- Dan Eamon, Emergency Manager, City of Longmont

The siren sounded more like a buzz.

According to Longmont authorities, the system is designed to be remotely turned off. Due to the malfunction, the system could only be turned off manually at all 17 posts in the city.

Longmont Power and Communication assisted Public Safety with each location shut off. It took so long because crews had to climb up each pole and manually turn them off.

It is unknown what activated the system. The system has been shut down until further notice and the manufacturer was called to troubleshoot.