People who have had their snow sports equipment stolen in several mountain communities can have their losses compensated thanks to a new fund that's been set up, officials announced Wednesday.

The 5th Judicial District Attorney's Office, in cooperation with Breckenridge Police, has set up a fund that will compensate anyone whose skis, poles, snowboards or boots are stolen from some well-known mountain communities.

Those communities include Clear Creek, Summit, Eagle and Lake counties, the DA's office said.

"The counties contain the majority of ski visits nationwide of locals and worldwide travelers who come to resorts big and small such as Vail, Breckenridge, Loveland and Ski Cooper," the DA's office said in a release.

Anyone who has not been fully compensated for the loss of their stolen items can get money from this new fund.

"This is an amazing opportunity for the unfortunate few who get ripped off when they should be ripping," said district attorney Bruce Brown.

All you have to do to get some compensation is fill out the form at this link and send it in - everything you need is at this link.