DENVER — They called him the Sky Spy -- he was the voice everyone in the Denver metro area turned to for breaking news and a vision of what was happening on the ground.

Don Martin, synonymous with KIMN radio and several other stations, passed away at Sky Ridge Medical Center last week -- he was 87.

From a young age, Martin knew what he wanted to do.

"He built his own radio station in the basement of their south Denver home at the 14," Don's daughter Amy Martin said in an interview with 9NEWS. 

Don Martin's longtime friend Dan Hopkins told 9NEWS Don established a bar that had to be met journalistically. Don believed in the truth, in always responding and being there 24/7.

"He was the first airborne traffic reporter in Denver, he was the fifth in the country," Hopkins said. "And it was a time when there were no live tracks for TV, that didn't [happen] until the mid-70s, so any breaking news that happened was covered by Don in the airplane or Don (on) the ground in a mobile unit. 

"Film had to come back and be processed before you could see it, so there was no live TV from breaking news, that was radio from Don Martin," Hopkins said.

Hopkins said Don Martin had to paint the picture for the listeners, "so you could see what he was seeing. He did it so well, that's why he's so remembered." 

Amy Martin said while it's been a tough week since her father passed away, the family has been going through all of his archives, photos and newspaper clippings.

"It's been a fun reminder of all that history," she said. 

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