A construction fire near downtown Denver sent smoke in the air for miles on Wednesday afternoon -- it even showed up on the radar for the National Weather Service.

Plumes of smoke from the fire, which is reported at 18th and Emerson in Denver's North Capitol Hill neighborhood, is clearly seen on the radar in a gif posted to the National Weather Service in Boulder's Twitter page.

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It appears on the radar the smoke is blowing from Denver slowly to the southeast.

The heat from the fire is also detectable from space, the NWS also said on Twitter.

The Denver Fire Department is still working to fully extinguish the fire, which was the site of the future Emerson Place Apartments -- a planned complex that was to be five stories and have 85 apartment units, according to the Denver Planning Commission.

All of Park Avenue between 17th and 20th Avenue is closed due to the fire. Drivers are urged to avoid this area.