On Friday, the men's golf PAC12 championship kicked off at the Boulder Country Club.

It's the first time the city and university have hosted the tournament in 45 years.

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper Colorado welcome to the other teams without a chance of late-April snow.

Anywhere from 3” to 7” could fall in Boulder from Friday night into Saturday morning, potentially impacting the three-day tournament

“It's going to have an effect,” said CU director of golf Kevin Bolles. “Cold's not going to stop them, rain's not going to stop them, but you can’t play in snow.”

If those 3” to 4” fall early with some well-timed sun, Bolles says maybe they'll be able to play by noon on Saturday, but anything more and the players might as well cover up that driver and head indoors until Sunday.

“Yeah, we were joking around with the coaches about three weeks ago and then [the snow] popped into the forecast and it became very real very fast,” said CU men’s head golf coach Roy Edwards. “That's such a unique situation there's not much you can do to prepare for it.”

If anyone is to have an advantage in the cold, wet weather it will be the CU boys.

They've played in these not-very-spring-like conditions before and know cold air means less flight on drives and soggy conditions mean slower greens.

“We're just incredibly excited to be here and showcase golf in Colorado to all the great programs,” Edwards said. “[The snow] is just something we're going to have to deal with this week for sure.”

“[Players are] hoping for the best but they also feel for the fact that it might get derailed a little bit,” Bolles added.

Per PAC12 championship rules, players must complete at least 36 holes for the tournament to count.

They planned on finishing those 36 on Friday so even if Saturday does get canceled they'll still crown a champion.