One week after investigators say a semi-truck driver struck and killed Trooper Cody Donahue on I-25, the 11-year State Patrol veteran is laid to rest with hundreds of law enforcement from around Colorado in attendance to pay their respects.

"He has two beautiful daughters Leila and Maya. He loved every part of being a dad," Erin Donahue-Paynter, sister, said. "The attributes that made him the best husband and daddy were the same things that made him a great brother, a wonderful son, and an outstanding friend."

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Donahue-Paynter says her brother loved being a state trooper to keep the roads safe.

"He wasn't overly critical. Instead, he led by example and by being a genuinely good man," Donahue-Paynter said.Donahue-Paynter said.

The 34-year-old North Dakota native was big in stature, but friends say he was an even bigger man as a person.

"If you had the privilege of knowing him, you know that he was one of those people that made you feel important," Chaplain Roger Freels, State Patrol, said.

Friends and family shared some laughs and funny stories. They say Donahue loved to entertain and interact with people.

"He did have his faults. He was clumsy. He was stubborn," Jeff Gowin, State Trooper, said while smiling. "Sometimes, he talked so much, he sometimes came across as a know-it-all."

The State Patrol honored Donahue with a 21-gun salute and presentation of flags to his wife, Velma, and his parents. The State Patrol permanently retired Donahue's call sign, "One Charlie Three".

"Cody was one of the most selfless, helpful, loving, and honorable, funny people I have ever known," Marc Paynter, brother-in-law, said.