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Storytellers: Rural Colorado town of 49 grateful for new football field

A school in Branson, Colorado was between a rock and hard place when teams refused to play their football team because of the condition of their field.

Marshall Zelinger, Anne Herbst

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Published: 10:36 PM MST November 25, 2021
Updated: 10:56 PM MST November 25, 2021

Home-field advantage, an edge for any team, is something to be thankful for in sports. It's familiar territory, with louder fans and perhaps a better chance to win.

A rural Colorado high school football team in Branson is particularly thankful for their home-field advantage after nearly losing it.

It takes four hours by car from Denver to get to this southeastern Colorado town. Add a few more minutes to the drive, and you're in a different state.

"That's New Mexico, the tops of those mesas," said Brad Doherty, athletic director at Branson School.

Credit: KUSA
Town of Branson

Branson is a place where the sun brings out just about every color, except one: green.

"We are standing on the Branson Bearcat football pasture field." Brad said when 9NEWS visited earlier this year. "This is way greener than it is during the season, by any stretch of the imagination."

Doherty acknowledged that the playing surface wasn't ideal for tackle football.

"I understand coaches being leery to play out here," Brad said. "You can't really tell where the field stops and the pasture starts. We've removed the rocks and the cactuses, but it's a field in the natural sense of the word."

Credit: KUSA
Credit: KUSA