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How a normal dad became MC Grammar, ended up on Ellen and could tour the world

Jacob Mitchell's new career started with a viral video made in his living room.

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — MC Grammar, the man with light-up shoes, shades and a gold chain, takes children's books and raps them to get young students excited about reading.

"Reading is the most important thing," MC Grammar, said. "So, to get kids hooked on books through rap, that's magic."

But a year ago, MC Grammar was just Jacob Mitchell – a regular teacher and a regular dad.

"I live in a place called High Barnet which is in north London which is a very small town and to be here sharing my message with the children of America for me is just pinch yourself stuff," Mitchell said.

Last year, his wife took a cellphone video of him reading and rapping the book "The Gruffalo" to their daughter and posted it on Facebook.

"I mean that took place on my couch in my living room and we do that regularly and my kids are 2 and 4, read lots of books," Mitchell said. "But, sometimes, we get to switch it up a little bit. Keep them engaged and entertained."

The video, Mitchell said, now has 5 million views.

"It pains me a little bit. I have to give it to my wife, you know. She's the one who posted it," Mitchell said. "Like most things in life, she tends to be right."

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He went from his own couch straight to the couch of talk show host Ellen Degeneres where he and his kids shared their family tradition with more of the world.

"Ellen was an amazing opportunity for me," Mitchell said.

The attention led to the creation of MC Grammar. He is now touring the world using rap not only to encourage reading, but the elementary school teacher has also written dozens of songs, offered for free, to teach kids actual grammar.

"Taking that dry subject, add in a bit of music, some action, some dance moves, some rhyme, seeing the kids smiling," Mitchell said.

Indian Ridge Elementary School in Centennial was his first stop in the U.S. MC Grammar is booked solid for the next two years from here to Dubai – all because he can get little kids excited about things like nouns and adverbs.

"When kids are passionate about something, they're engaged. They're on board and they're learning. They're fiercely learning. They're active learning," Mitchell said. 

They're learning from a man who started this whole journey on his living room couch.

"To think had we not captured that moment," Mitchell said. "I believe 100 percent that I have the best job in the world. Every day, I wake up and somehow I influence, inspire, and impact children's lives."

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