DENVER — When Ethan Martin was born, his mom Julie, worried. 

She worried he wouldn't crawl. She worried kids would bully him. She worried she couldn't protect the world from hurting him. 

"But I realized I had to be tougher," she said.

 "And we had to make him tougher," added his dad, Brandon. 

"We had to make the whole family a unit against the world sometimes," said Julie. 

So 10 years later, that's what they are. 

His mom and dad, older brother Carson, and younger brother Drew are a unit against the world. 

"When you have a difference in your family, everybody feels a little different," said Julie.

Ethan was born with a hand that wasn't fully developed. 

Turns out Ethan crawled, he did get bullied, and his mom couldn't always protect him. 

But Julie and Brandon learned if they wanted the world to treat him the same, they had to as well. 

“We really want him to see as long as he plays hard he can play as good as anyone else," said Brandon. 

On a recent Wednesday night at a UCHealth basketball clinic, the entire family joined in to learn new tips and tricks from Denver Nuggets players. 

"You're going to use this as just control," said Brandon to Ethan, explaining an adjustment he can make with his hand. "Not as your main ball handling hand."

UCHealth basketball clinic
Julie Martin

The Martins said Ethan has had coaches who didn't believe he could play with all the other kids. Ethan has always proved them wrong. 

“I’m basically just a regular person," said Ethan. "There’s nothing wrong with me." 

At a summer camp for kids with limb differences last summer, Ethan got to meet the man who has shown him he can play as good as everyone else.

Seattle Seahawks linebacker, Shaquem Griffin, has a hand just like his. 

Ethan at summer camp
Julie Martin

"I just thought I can get good at a sport if I don't just give up," said Ethan. 

The Martins will never give up on Ethan, and they want to make sure no one else will either. 

"Don't accept no just because someone's telling you it," said Brandon. "Accept no because you've tried it and you don't like it and it's not your thing."

Julie has stopped worrying as much as she used to and lets Ethan take the lead to show her what's possible.