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Storytellers: The question they don't ask at this summer camp

A summer camp in Englewood is only for kids dealing with limb loss and their siblings. The thing they share brings them together, but is quickly forgotten when the first question they are asked isn't about their missing limb.
Credit: KUSA

When 6-year-old Sophie Romsdahl walked into the gym for the first day of summer camp, she looked at a counselor and said, "We both have fake legs!"

Usually, that might be an uncommon sight.

Not at this summer camp.

“I just wanted to meet other people with prosthetics and other amputees 'cause you usually don’t see people like us outside in the world,” said 11-year-old Angelo Alas.

The camp, created by the organization Living in Motion 359 is for kids with limb loss and their siblings.

“It’s spectacular, it can’t get any better than this,” said Ilene Brandon, a counselor who is also a double amputee.

Emily Harvey started the camp last year because she went to one herself as a kid, and it was something missing in Denver. She decided to let siblings join because of what her brother used to say the week she went off to camp.

“He would always tell my mom that he wanted to chop a limb off so he could go to camp with me," Harvey laughed.

But camp isn't about not having a limb. It's about playing basketball, learning golf and painting faces.

And at this summer camp, no one asks, "What happened to your leg?"

“When they ask me I just mess around with them and say a shark bit it off," Alas laughed.

It's a question 9-year-old Shweta Broberg wished she didn't have to answer so many times.

“So I just want every single person in the whole wide world to know my story so I don’t have to tell, because like so many people look and stare and so many people ask me this question and like the story oh my gosh," she said. "So long.”

There are so many other questions she'd like to answer. Her favorite animals are lions and tigers. Her favorite color is pink.

“I’m like so what I have a leg, nothing else is different," she said. "I still like the same pizza!”

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