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The coldest temp in Colorado history was ...

Happy Anniversary, Colorado!
Relics of the past in Maybell, Colorado, a small town that claims the title of recording the coldest temperature in state history.

MAYBELL – Happy Anniversary, Colorado!

Thirty-years ago this week, the northwest corner of our state was frozen. In fact, the coldest temperature to ever strike Colorado was recorded on Feb. 1, 1985.

That temperature was -61 F. It was recorded in the tiny Moffat County town of Maybell. Maybell is a one-horse kinda town, its residents will tell you. And despite its frigid past, Maybell is warm with laughter and interesting stories about that legendary cold day.

"You don't think about how cold it is. You just put all the clothes you've got on and we even put newspapers in our shoes because we didn't have all these fancy things you have now," said Georgia McIntyre, who has lived in the town for 56 years.

Newspapers at the time wrote about the cold-snap and helped put Maybell on the map. Granted, most people who live in the town are ranchers, so for them it was considered a big deal.

"Once it gets below 30 below I don't think there's much of a difference. It's all cold!" joked Sam McIntyre, another Maybell resident.

The fact of the matter is this: Maybell hasn't seen a cold day like that in decades. Three decades to be exact. But the thought of that day sure makes 30 below days seem like paradise!

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