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Stray bullet fired from stolen car lands inches away from boy in car seat

Denver police say a driver in a stolen car fired many shots in the Central Park neighborhood as they tried to get away Friday afternoon.

DENVER — When bullets started flying through a busy street in the middle of Friday afternoon rush hour, one of them landed just inches away from a young boy in a car seat. 

Denver police say a suspect driving a stolen car fired many shots on MLK Boulevard and Quebec Street in the Central Park neighborhood as they tried to get away.

Now the hole in the front windshield of one mom's car tells the story of how a normal Friday afternoon turned into something much scarier.

"We were lucky beyond belief that the situation didn’t result in something completely unfathomable," said Jenny, who doesn't want us to share her last name because the person who stole a car and shot a bullet through her windshield is still on the run from police.

Jenny was picking up her kids from school on Friday afternoon, driving home the same way they take every day through the Central Park neighborhood. Denver police say someone stole a car, and a witness started following them. The suspect drove through the intersection of MLK Boulevard and Quebec Street at the exact same time as Jenny and her 5 and 8-year-old sons were driving home.

"It’s just about an inch or two away from where my 5-year-old’s car seat sits, right by where his head was," Jenny said, pointing to the bullet hole in her car. "I felt glass sort of pass by me and hit my face a little bit. I knew in that exact moment that a bullet had come through my front window."

The person in the stolen car littered the street with bullets as they tried to get away. One person was taken to hospital after they were shot in the arm. The bullet that hit Jenny’s car struck inches away from her son’s car seat.

"I just screamed for my children just to get down. I bent over as much as I possibly could in the front seat," Jenny said. "I feel like an angel was watching over our children and I."

A drive home from school was so close to turning into something so much worse.

"This is not OK," Jenny said. "This is not OK for our children to be afraid, when they leave their schools, that a bullet is going to come through their car windows."

DPD has not released a description of the suspect or their vehicle.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867 or visit metrodenvercrimestoppers.com. Tipsters can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000.

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