Superheroes were in action on Thursday at Children's hospital Colorado – bringing big smiles to patients and their families.

Behind the comic book superhero masks, were some real life superheroes – members of the Aurora Police Department SWAT team.

“They are here to surprise and delight all of our patients and families – who are the real superheroes here at Children’s Hospital Colorado,” said Elizabeth Whitehead, Senior Media Relations Specialist at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The event took place at the Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora. The team began their rappel at 10 a.m. – down the western-facing windows on floors 6-9.

Kiddos watched from the windows, as their favorite comic book heroes came to life.

“I think they have a lot in common and it’s really great for the kids to look up to the superheroes," said Whitehead. "They’re all tough and resilient and when they get knocked down – they just get right back up."

Some of the characters even rappelled upside down.

"The whole goal was to brighten children’s days who are stuck here in the hospital and one way we could do that is through skills we practice, which is rappelling and rappelling down as superheroes," said Sergeant Cassidee Carlson, with the Aurora Police Department.

Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman and Captain America were among the heroes that made an appearance.

It was a special day for the young patients. Many of whom are fighting illness or injury.

“Those kids inspire us,” said Whitehead. “They’re so heroic in their own right and I think they have super powers. Sometimes it’s just that smile or that glimmer in their eye.”

This is the third year that Aurora Police have rappelled from the hospital.

“This gives us the opportunity not only to train on our skills on a high building here in Aurora – but again providing entertainment to these kids,” said Carlson.