Tuesday, Denver ruled in favor of a teacher trying to keep his small business going.

Jesus Bujanda helps at-risk youth from his tattoo removal truck. The problem is someone complained about it being parked in a residential area.

He had his first hearing in front of the zoning board on Tuesday.

To say Jesus and Gayedine Bujanda were intimidated by the process is an understatement.

"We didn't know how to prepare for it other than we had the support," Jesus said. Show that they had support from some neighbors who didn't mind the truck parked on their block.

But, the one who did mind told the city and they had to take action.

Austin Keithler with the city told us they had two options, ask for an extension on the removal order or make the case for an exception to the rule.

"This was an exception to the rule," Keithler said.

Jesus and Gayedine are getting six months to make space for the truck in their back yard. As long as neighbors can't see it from the street, they're good.

Their relief from the decision is one they weren't expecting.

"No! It was very intimidating just walking into the building," Gayedine said.

Their point is, don't be afraid to walk into intimidating situations to defend what you believe in. You might just be the exception to the rule.

9NEWS heard from some people who were willing to offer the family a parking space for the truck. The family wanted to say, thank you for the support.