KUSA - A group of teens with close ties to the School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has once again traveled to Colorado to aid flood victims.

The teens are a part of Ben's Lighthouse, an organization named after Ben Wheeler, one of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Thursday, they were in Boulder County helping to clear the banks of a flood ravaged property just outside of Longmont.

Trip chaperone Kelly Paredas says the organizations motto is "helping is healing," a belief that through lending a hand to others can be the catalyst for learning to cope with tragedy.

"Our goal is to be that shining light of what you can do after something unexpected happens" Paredas said.

Volunteer Hana Rosenthal says though the work can be back-breaking at times, but it has its own rewards.

"I think that anytime you know you had an impact on someone is really rewarding. If I can help a guy grow part of his pasture back then I think you can take that anywhere," Rosenthal said.

The group also visited the Columbine memorial as a sign of solidarity, and to let those affected know that they are not alone.

The teen volunteers say that the experience of helping others is one that they will carry with them throughout their lives; a reminder that it is possible to heal through helping others.