The ex-boyfriend of a missing 18-year-old was arrested Friday in Mesa County where the body of a woman was found.

"Devastated, absolutely devastated," Laura Boldt, Boulder County Fair Coordinator, said.

Though the identity of the body has not been officially released, those who know 18-year-old Ashley Doolittle are assuming the worst. Doolittle served as the official Lady in Waiting for the Boulder County Fair and Rodeo.

"It's just her vivaciousness," Boldt said. "She's very positive. She's very creative. She's very happy,"

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office Emergency Services and Larimer County Search and Rescue responded to Lon Hagler Reservoir to conduct a land search of the area where Doolittle's vehicle was found Thursday.

Doolittle was reported missing after she did not come home on time Thursday night.

Through interviews with friends and family, investigators learned Doolittle had recently ended a one-year relationship with Tanner George Flores, 18. Flores has been missing since 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

He has allegedly been upset and distraught over the breakup.

At 8 a.m. Friday, investigators received information regarding a possible sighting of Flores' truck in unincorporated Mesa County, near Collbran.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office was called in to confirm the sighting and found the truck. The body of a woman was also found in the truck. Flores was taken into custody and is being held at the Mesa County Jail.

"It's been very difficult for all of us," Julia Davis, president of the Boulder County Fair Board, said.

Davis says Doolittle was a marvelous young lady who had a deep love for horses. Doolittle was a member of the 4H Club for about 10 years.

"She was very outgoing. She was very polite, very kind, generous," Davis said. "She talked to you whether it was an adult or whether it was a child. She could converse with either and make you feel like the love that she put out."

Doolittle traveled around the state to rodeos and parades with the Queen of the Boulder County Fair and Rodeo. In August, Doolittle would have assumed the crown.

A poster of Ashley Doolittle hangs in the office of the Boulder County Fair and Rodeo.
A poster of Ashley Doolittle hangs in the office of the Boulder County Fair and Rodeo.

"She had a glowing personality. She was always smiling, always friendly, always kind to everybody that she met," Davis said.

Boldt says the talented teenager specialized in a certain skill on the horse called Reining.

"It's an advanced Western horsemanship type of riding," Boldt said. "She's very good, very accomplished horsewoman."

Davis says the Boulder County Fair Board decided to launch a pilot program to let young girls experience the pageantry and parades that the fair royalty do. She says they are going to name it after Ashley Doolittle so people can always remember her.

"She was the most charming young lady that I've ever met," Davis said. "She's beautiful inside and out."