Friends in Houston are mourning the loss of a Colorado deputy who was killed in an ambush-style attack Sunday.

Douglas County Sheriff's Deputy Zackari Parrish grew up in Houston where he attended Second Baptist School and Church.

He went on to meet his future wife Gracie at Dallas Baptist University, according to friends. The two got married and moved to Colorado where he pursued a career in law enforcement.

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Parrish was one of five law enforcement officers shot after receiving a disturbance call in Highlands Ranch Sunday. Two civilians were also injured.

Parrish and the gunman were killed in the shootout.

The fallen deputy's college roommates gathered at Texas Leaguer Brewing Company in Missouri City on New Year's Day to remember him.

Douglas County Sheriff's Deputy Zackari Parrish

“His Christ-centeredness and love for everyone, that was the most important thing to him,” said Will Rommelmann, a friend.

“I just don't remember ever leaving a conversation with Zack without smiling,” said Nathan Rees, who attended high school and college with Parrish.

Friends describe the 29-year-old as outgoing, protective and goofy, with a heart for service.

He is survived by a wife and two young daughters.

Parrish's family still lives in Houston where his parents are still deeply rooted at Second Baptist Church.

Family photos of Zack Parrish. Photos courtesy Dionna McCarthy Photography.

The deputy's former classmate is now a pastor at the church.

“I know what Zack believed, who he was. When something like this happens, the sorrow is because we've lost someone we love so much," said Reagan Reynolds, international pastor at Second Baptist Church. "The thing I would encourage people with is not to worry about Zack himself. Zack knew exactly who he was, what his life meant, and what would happen when his life was over. Zack, at this moment, is much happier than any of us is. We're the ones dealing with the pain. Zack is receiving his reward now."

The owner of Texas Leaguer Brewing Company says a portion of Monday's proceeds will go to Parrish's family.

If you would like to donate to the Douglas County Fallen Officer Fund, tap/click here.