The day after Deputy Heath Gumm's untimely death, the Adams County Sheriff's Office tweeted "#gummball" and promised it would share a story about the fallen deputy.

On Monday, the agency did.

Deputy Heath Gumm met Deputy Dustin Ball back in 2013. The two deputies were transferred into the patrol division.

During their training, they formed a bond.

"By design, deputies are tried, tested, and pushed to their limits during training to prepare them to adapt to different situations and scenarios," the post read.

As time went on, Ball and Gumm were "seemingly connected at the hip."

The Adams County Sheriff's Office says Heath Gumm, 31, was shot in the chest on Jan. 24 in a neighborhood just east of Interstate 25 and 88th Avenue.
Adams County Sheriff's Office

"He knew that I had his back, and that he had mine," Ball was quoted as saying in the post.

Their supervisors and other deputies decided a name change was in order and that's how "Gummball" came to be.

"It was a pleasure to experience this with one of the greatest men I've ever known," Ball continued.

"This is the genesis of the name, “Gummball,” a nickname that forever changed Deputy Heath Gumm and serves as a reminder of the implicit trust that exists between deputies who serve together."

Gumm will be laid to rest on Friday at the Community Church in Lafayette. The 31-year-old is survived by his wife.