Three men have successfully made it to every brewery in Colorado. If you're counting.... that's 298.

Daniel Hess, George Rapko and Gary Brown began their "beer tour" on Jan. 16, 2015. They call themselves the "Colorado Beer Barons."

They made it their mission to have a beer in every Colorado tasting room - they even flew to some of the spots.

Wednesday, the Beer Barons completed that goal.

The final stretch of their tour took place at "Cerberus Brewery" in Colorado Springs. It's a journey that began with an idea that seemed "simple enough."

"We thought we had done all of the breweries in Colorado Springs," said Daniel Hess, one of the Colorado Beer Barons.

Hess and Rapko then found out there were a few more breweries in the Springs, that they had missed.

"So we were like, 'you know what – let's start over and do every single brewery in Colorado' and so we called our friend Garry and he said he was in too," said Rapko.

I wondered if a detox was in their future - maybe even Beyoncé’s "Water Gallon Challenge."

But... I think they'll be turning a blind eye to that piece of advice.

"Actually, in a couple of days a new one opens in Denver," said Rapko. "Every time a new one opens we'll try to make our way out there."

The Beer Barons made a list of the Breweries on their website:

There you can find a list of all of the breweries in Colorado - organized by city.

But - the guys refused to rate them.

“We just recommend that everyone get out there. Everyone asks us if we do reviews and we don’t," Rapko said. "We want everyone to get out there, check them out and have a beer."

In total - it took the guys 642 days to meet their goal.

“It ended up being about three guys - three friends - going on a trip. It’s been almost two years now and we’ve had a lot of good times," said Rapko. "Just a lot of really great memories.”

They said they would have done it faster... if their wallets would have allowed.