JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colorado — Though it's the middle of summer, something online has teacher Katelyn Schneider excited about school.

"I've probably been a part of this group for less than a week," Schneider said.

This is a Facebook group called "Teacher Amazon Gifting" created by a fourth grade teacher in Texas named Courtney Jones.

"I want to create a platform or a way for teachers to support other teachers," Jones said.

She wants teachers like Schneider to post a wish list of school supplies from Amazon with hopes that another teacher will fulfill the wish and purchase the supplies.

"You can post your wish list, but be willing to at least give a gift to somebody else," Schneider said.

Jones knows that teachers spend a lot of their own money to fill their classrooms, so she wanted to change the game a bit.

"Teachers know what teachers need," Jones said.

Schneider, a first-grade teacher, says it's nice to feel supported.

"I worked three jobs last year to make sure I could get everything and I was still buying stuff for my students," Schneider said. "It's exciting to know that there's this community of teachers out there just gifting and loving on each other and supporting each other."

Jones says the group started out with 500 members just about two weeks ago. Now, it's growing.

"Yeah, it's incredible. There's people from California to New York, from North Dakota," Jones said.

Schneider is happy to be part of the Colorado contingent. Friday afternoon, the Facebook group membership was well over 18,000.

"I can only see it growing and growing and growing," Schneider said.

To join the group, a teacher must be invited by a current member or accepted by the group's administrators. 

So far, Schneider says she has bought gifts for several teachers across the country. In return, she has been gifted books and a laminating machine.

"It's the feeling of donating and giving to someone else's classroom," Schneider said. "You're helping so many more people than just yourself when you give that gift."

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