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Trash services rolled out at 2 homeless encampments in Denver

Denver says trash pickup will happen every Monday and Thursday at the encampments at Eighth and Grant and 16th and Logan.

DENVER — A new mayor brings new ideas, and at Eighth Avenue and Grant Street in Denver's Capitol Hill Neighborhood, there are new trash bags. 

They were dropped off on Monday morning, according to Peaches, who lives at the homeless encampment at the intersection. 

"They said they had trash bags, if we put our trash up on the corner they would throw them away, so don’t put any of our personal belongings in them 'cause they’re looking for the orange trash bags to throw in the trash," Peaches said. 

She's been living on the Eighth Avenue sidewalk for about a month, but has been a part of what she calls the "outside community" for a year and a half. 

"Don’t take anything for granted and don’t ever think that it couldn’t be you," she said. "A year and a half ago if you would have told me that I would have been out here, I would have thought you were crazy."

How she got here is a long story she'd rather not tell. 

"Being able to wash our areas would be nice, and not being kicked out of everywhere right away," she said. 

With Mayor Mike Johnston's activation of an emergency declaration for homelessness, other services like bathrooms are coming, but the city said they don't have specifics on when or where. 

Denver's Joint Information Center said as of last week, a designated truck is doing trash pick up every Monday and Thursday at two encampments -- the one Peaches lives at, and another one at 16th Avenue and Logan Street. 

The city said they are offering trash bags and pick-up on an "as-needed basis at other locations."

"We don’t watch the news or really follow up on anything like that, so we kind of just go with the flow and whatever happens happens," Peaches said. 

She doesn't know about the new proposals or promises. She believes what she sees, and for now, that's trash bags. 

"I think that’s a nice start," she said. 


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