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Truck that crashed into car, killing 5, may have had defective brakes, CSP report says

The truck slammed into the car at 75 miles per hour. A Colorado State Patrol report says the driver didn't make an effort to stop or avoid the car.

WELD COUNTY, Colo — At mile marker 243 in Weld County, cars speed up Interstate 25. Tragedy struck there in June when traffic slowed down.  

On June 13, a truck slammed into several cars, killing five people. 

A new report by Colorado State Patrol troopers responding to the crash raises questions about the truck. The report says the truck’s brakes may have been defective and the driver may have been distracted.

The crash report obtained by 9NEWS indicates the truck driver was "careless" and may have been "distracted" in the cab of the truck. The report indicates that the brakes may have been "defective or out of adjustment."

Grant Lawson is an attorney representing some of the family members of the five people killed.

"There’s no indication that there was any braking before he impacted that vehicle," Lawson said. "There’s no way to comprehend how a truck going that fast couldn’t be looking out in front of him to slow down."

The report shows the box truck was traveling at 75 miles per hour when it slammed into the car carrying the Godines family. Troopers believe their car had slowed down to five miles per hour because of traffic in the lane. Troopers indicate that the driver made no effort to avoid the car by braking or steering away.

"This is five people’s lives. These are multiple families involved whose lives have been shattered and destroyed," Lawson said. "They want justice."

The five victims were traveling through Colorado on their way home to Wyoming. Aaron Godines and Hailie Everts were killed, along with their baby daughter. Aaron’s parents Christina and Emiliano were also in the car and died.

As the Weld County District Attorney considers charging the driver of the truck, the family’s lawyer says they want to make sure this can never happen to another family.

"Not only does the driver need to be held accountable, but the trucking company needs to be held accountable," Lawson said. 

9NEWS spoke with the driver of the truck on the phone Monday evening. When asked if he was distracted or if his brakes weren’t working the day of the crash, he said his lawyers told him not to talk to anyone. 9NEWS is choosing not to share that truck driver’s name because he has not been charged with a crime.

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