Is there anything more Boulder than Tube to Work Day?

Ok, using the phrase “more Boulder” or eating quinoa on a casual 90-mile trail run while judging people might be more Boulder than that, nevertheless, Tube to Work Day is a thing in Boulder – and it’s happening on Friday.

But, before you grab your innertube and just show up at Boulder Creek on Friday, you should know that you’ve got to sign a waiver – and if you want to do it online, you have to do it by 3 p.m. on Thursday.

There is same-day registration, but if you hate lines and people, you know that registering online is worth it.

GALLERY: Hundreds commute by creek for Boulder's annual Tube to Work Day

VIDEO: Hundreds commute by creek for Tube to Work Day in Boulder

You can find the link to that here:

The tradition began 10 years ago when Boulder resident Jeff Kagan and a friend thought, “what’s the weirdest way we could get to work without using fossil fuels?”

And thus, Tube to Work Day.

“It's no lazy river that's for sure,” Kagan said. “It is by far the greatest traffic jam you will ever be in in your life.”

With his mellow laugh, Kagan brings just the persona you would expect from a man who drummed up the idea.

“No road rage tomorrow: it's all about the tube rage,” he said chuckling.

“This is so Boulder,” added Dennis Stoltenberg, laughing to himself.

Stoltenberg works for the Boulder tech security firm LogRhythm. The company began partaking in Tube to Work four years ago with 12 employees. Last year they brought 80 and this year they plan to bus more than 150 to the drop-in point.

“Leave your wedding rings home; we've had four people lose their wedding rings,” said company CEO Andy Grolnick. “This is a bucket list thing. You gotta do it at least once."

Another thing to remember? Having a helmet and close-toed shoes is mandatory. Wearing a wetsuit and life jacket is strongly recommended and, while your phone and wedding ring are both usually things to have on you at all times (unless you’re at a Dave Chappelle show …), leave them at home.

You can find all of the information about Tube to Work Day here: