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Ukraine supporters rally at Capitol

Coloradans continue to show their support, saying sanctions aren't enough.

DENVER — Coloradans continue to show support for Ukraine, gathering for another rally at the state Capitol on Saturday afternoon.

Supporters said sanctions aren't enough and that Ukrainians need as much help as they can get. 

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"To be honest I didn't really know how many Ukrainians are in Colorado and seeing all these people come out is really impressive," said Anastasiya Ko. 

She's rallying support for her country here in Colorado, but her heart is in Ukraine. 

"I can't stand aside and watch everybody suffer," said Ko. 

Her hometown is Kharkiv. Some of her friends and family are still there. 

"Basically every morning I ask them if they are alive and safe," she said. "They call it hell right now. All my friends are saying it's hell there and I wish that NATO can close the sky and Ukrainian people will do the rest. All we need is for Russia to stop bombing our cities so people can get out."

People from different countries, backgrounds and cultures gathered to show their support at the rally.

"I really can't find words how to thank the people of Colorado for joining us," said Pavlo Nikitin. "We really appreciate not only Americans... we really appreciate all the Russians, Belarusians, all Georgians, all friends who joined us here."

He's asking for as much help as possible from his fellow Coloradoans and the global community.

"Join us for rallies and do as much as you can. We are worried about parents. We are worried about future. We are worried we will not be able to return to our homes. If we lose, we lose not only our country but we lose all the people. He will destroy us," said Nikitin. "We can't stand back. We don't have choice. We need to fight."

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