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Ukrainians of Colorado raise funds to send medical supplies to Ukraine

Many Ukrainians living in Colorado have family members sheltering in Ukraine or fighting for their country.

AURORA, Colo. — From half a world away, Coloradans are helping Ukrainians impacted by Russia’s invasion. A local group of Ukrainians is collecting money to buy medical supplies to send to Europe.

"Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is show up, and we show up for each other. We did today and we do every day," said Mylana Semenyuk with the group Ukrainians of Colorado. "With war raging, supplies are low and time matters."

The group Ukrainians of Colorado organized a fundraiser to collect donations to buy medical supplies to send to Ukraine. They never expected the entire coffee shop where they held the event to be packed.

"Every hug today, every single hi, it means I love you, I feel you and I want to help you," said Irina Shatalov, a co-founder of Ukrainians of Colorado. "When people understand you, want to support you, want to be so close with you, we’re so appreciative about it."

Shatalov’s family is still in Ukraine. So is Marina Dubrova’s and Semenyuk’s. All fighting for their country.

"Our people are struggling. They’re struggling," said Dubrova. "They never ask for anything, but we are asking right now for the international community to help Ukraine."

Every drink sold at Wake & Take Coffee Shop in Aurora helped Ukrainians of Colorado send money to the groups fighting for their country. Even their own family members.

"I’m so proud of my people, of my Ukrainian people. They fight," said Shatalov. "My family said they’re not going to move anywhere. Like my parents said, this is my house, this is my land, these are my people, and I’m going to stay and fight."

From Colorado, Ukraine gets a little help.

"It’s heartwarming, it’s heartwarming to see how much help we have received from every peace-loving person," said Dubrova. "We will survive, we will rebuild, and we will prosper."

Ukrainians of Colorado is working with Project C.U.R.E to send medical supplies to Europe. You can find more information about their fundraiser here.

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