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Community gives nurse, single mother surprise car

“I want to help others feel better and to better their lives," nurse Taralee Williams said.

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Community members gathered today to surprise a unique woman with a gift that was much needed.

Taralee Williams’ story is filled with tragedy and inspiration.  The single mother of four was forced to start her life over when her husband was killed in a single-vehicle accident, on the way back from a trip to help a friend in California.  That was a little more than four years ago.

Since then, Williams moved to Arizona and put herself through nursing school. The mother of four boys hopes to spend her new career helping other children in pediatrics or neonatal care.

“I chose nursing school because I want to help others,” Williams explained. “I want to help others feel better and to better their lives.”

Toting four children requires a reliable vehicle.  Williams describes her vehicle as “running on prayers."

That’s where Leon and Renee Ellis come in.  

Leon’s 2005 Nissan Murano may have some years on it, but has been meticulously maintained all of its life.

The folks at NARPRO checked out Leon’s car, made a minor repair- which was all it needed- and put Leon in touch with Helping Hands for Single Moms, a nonprofit that has been helping Williams.

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“I was going to trade it in, but she [Renee] donated her first vehicle and she asked me ‘how about just- you’re not going to get market value for it, how about giving it so someone who needs it?’" said Leon Ellis. "I just fell right in with it.”

Michelle is a first generation graduate and only one of 9 siblings to obtain a college degree. Obtaining a higher education provided Michelle the opportunity to achieve excellence, break cycles, and offer a new hope, for those who come behind her. Read Michelle's Story In order to facilitate success, Helping Hands for Single Moms provides a supportive program.

NARPRO and Helping Hands for Single Moms presented the Murano to Williams and her four boys Wednesday morning.

“I was so surprised!” Williams said.  “It makes me very grateful and I’m grateful for their support.  There is hope out there and there are people who don’t even know me that want others to succeed and better their lives.”

Williams received one more surprise Wednesday: a lead on a job opportunity.

“I’m a nurse, too.” Renee Ellis told Williams as they first met.

“Awesome, where do you work at?” Williams asked.

“Glendale and I was wondering if you need work because we need nurses?” Ellis offered.

As the day’s event came to a close, there was no word on whether or not Williams will follow up with Ellis, but the opportunity and the new vehicle should make the next few miles on the road of life a little more endurable.


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