ATLANTA – As the flu continues to run rampant throughout the state, so is various information.

The rate of infection is staggering as most of the country becomes infected. Not only are people concerned for their health, they are also becoming scared when they hear there might be a flu vaccine shortage.

So, with so many people sick is there a shortage of the vaccine?

11Alive News asked the CDC and The Georgia Health Department directly, and they both said NO. There are still plenty of vaccinations available. So that claim is FALSE!

The Health Department said there is a huge demand for the vaccine though, so they're encouraging people to call ahead or use this website: to see if the vaccine is available before you head over.

CDC Flu View

Now you might ask, what if you do get sick?

People on the 11Alive Facebook page said they've had a difficult time finding Tamiflu, the medicine that can help shorten the length of your illness. 11Alive contacted the drug company Genetech, that handles the distribution of the drug, and they told us NO!

While some stores may be temporarily out of the drug because so many people are sick, the company said there is plenty of supply and more will be coming.

So, we can verify that claim is FALSE!

Unfortunately, there's still time left in this flu season. Historically February is the worst month of the year for flu outbreak.