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A viewer emailed to ask whether a roofing company’s advertisement was “for real.”

The ad, which is wrapped around a company car, says you can get a gun if you get a roof.


We called Weatherproof Roofing and Exteriors and spoke with the owner, James Webb.

“Yes, ma’am. It’s absolutely real,” Webb said. “We started it last year, and the response has been overwhelming.”

Here’s how it works.

If Webb replaces your roof, he gives you a gift card to the Centennial Gun Club. That card covers all the costs to buy an AR-15 rifle, shotgun or handgun.

“Everyone still has to go through the background check process and follow all the same guidelines as if they were a regular person going in to purchase a firearm,” Webb said.

If clients don’t want a gun, Webb offers those clients a $500 gift card to Cabela’s.

Coloradans have about 2,000 roofing companies to choose from, which can make standing out a challenge.

Before Webb started running the promotion, Weatherproof Roofing and Exteriors was getting about 20 to 40 leads per month and closed about half those deals.

“We started the promotion August 1, 2016 and within two weeks we had 200 people sign up,” Webb said.

About 70 people have redeemed their gun voucher so far, and Webb expects that number to grow as his business continues to expand.

The promotion has been so successful that he’s in the process of opening a branch in Texas with plans to expand to other areas.

“It’s game changing,” Webb said. “It’s been a completely different business.”

Webb is the only Colorado roofing company we could find that does this kind of promotion, but he isn’t the only person using guns to get the word out.

State Sen. Tim Neville did a gun giveaway in 2016 for anyone who caucused for him for U.S. Senate. And Ted Cruz did a shotgun giveaway during the primary.

The National Rifle Association also regularly promotes gun giveaways as part of its fundraising efforts.

All these giveaways and promotions are legal so long as the politician, company or charity isn’t the one to hand the gun over.

A licensed firearm dealer must handle the transfer.

And as an extra precaution Webb has a disclaimer on his website and promotional materials.

It recommends people take a gun safety class, promises to deny a gun to anyone who can’t pass the background check and says the company isn’t responsible for any misuse of the firearm after the person gets it.