SALIDA, Colo. — An airplane was captured on video sliding on black ice after an early morning freeze at a Salida airfield. 

On Friday, Feb. 15, an early morning rain froze, causing the aircraft apron at Harriet Alexander Field in Salida to be covered in black ice, Zech Papp, the airport manager said. 

Papp said a twin-engine Beech 99 Airline landed at the airport, and when it turned onto the apron, it began to slide. 

The pilot was able to recover and was not injured, Papp said. 

Papp said the video is a good warning for pilots to be aware of icy conditions that are particularly prevalent at small mountain airports. 

He said that Colorado and Alaska are likely the most dangerous places for pilots to fly because of rapidly changing weather conditions. 

In this case, the ice melted off the apron about 20 minutes after it formed, according to Papp. 

The Colorado Division of Aeronautics advises pilots to check weather conditions and pilot notices often, especially when flying the mountains. 

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