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Vigil held for teen shot and killed by former police officer

Peyton Blitstein was killed after an argument over alleged careless driving in a neighborhood in Aurora.

AURORA, Colo. — Dozens of people gathered Sunday afternoon to remember the 17-year-old shot and killed by a former Greenwood Village police officer. 

Peyton Blitstein was killed Nov. 24 after an argument over what police describe as alleged "careless driving" in a neighborhood in Aurora.

As prosecutors decide whether to charge the man who shot him, Peyton’s family and friends mourn his loss.

"It’s been horrible," said Todd Blitstein, Peyton's father. "I’ve been in the unknown for too long. Hopefully we have an answer soon."

As Blitstein mourns, he’s left waiting and wondering if the man who killed Peyton will be charged in his death.

"It’s really just an emotional rollercoaster," Blitstein said. "One minute you’re OK and then the next minute you’re on the kitchen floor trying to get help to get up."

The questions still need answers. But on a cold afternoon in Aurora, remembering Peyton brought some comfort to friends and family.

"I was like, there’s no way he’s gone. I was just with him yesterday," said Tcko Terroens, who said he was best friends with Peyton. "We always clicked with each other. We were always there for each other."

Peyton was killed by a former Greenwood Village police officer. Police are still working to figure out who the primary aggressor was in this case and whether 36-year-old Adam Holen will face any charges. Holen was also shot when the teenager took out his own gun. 

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9NEWS asked Blitstein if he knew his son had a gun. He told us he can't talk about the investigation.

"If they do the investigation and Peyton was wrong, Peyton was wrong. And he paid the ultimate sacrifice. But if he didn’t and the other person was wrong, we want to see justice," Blitstein said. "Hopefully we get answers and we’re good."

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