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Volkswagen Beetle cruise takes toys to refugees

Drivers decorate cars to bring gifts and Christmas joy to kids "who have nothing."

No matter their job, no matter their upbringing, everyone gathering at Tynan's Volkswagen on Saturday night share a love for their car - the iconic Beetle.

"I think there's a story to every Bug," Steve Grindly, said.

Grindly is with the Eastern Plains Dub Club.

"We're a local Volkswagen club that likes to go out and drive our Bug around," Grindly said.

30 drivers decorated their cars with lights, trees, skis, and antlers. One car even had a working train set encircling a scene from The Grinch. They gathered for their annual Christmas cruise around Aurora.

"I love driving this thing around and to be able to put lights on it and then have us drive around with lights," Grindly said. "It's just smiles the whole night."

The smiles aren't just for the cars. The smiles are for where they are going. The club is delivering a sleigh full of toys to a community of refugees living in a nearby apartment complex.

"Getting these refugee kids who come here from a very hard place and really have nothing," Grindly said.

Instead of nothing, Grindly and his group are offering a bunch of new friends, a sleigh full of gifts, and a one-of-a-kind Christmas lights show.

"They're going to be so shocked to see this," Grindly said. "I don't think they've ever seen anything like this." 

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